The ‘Ecosciences Precinct’ will be Australia’s first centre dedicated to solving some of the country’s biggest environmental issues. The scientific research within the centre will focus on climate change, protecting our natural resources and environment,  and look at ways to grow our farming, mineral, forestry, and marine industries so they are competitive and sustainable.

Boggo Road Ecosciences Precinct

Boggo Road is one of Australia’s newest research facilities.

Premium Fume Cupboard Installation

Science 2 Medical has manufactured a fume cupboard specific to the client’s requirements.

Fans And Duct In Plantroom

Science 2 Medical installed over 4000metres of PVC exhaust duct for this Boggo Road facility. The fans and duct have been installed to a high-standard in a visible plant room.

Custom Duct Installation

Science 2 Medical supplied and installed numerous custom ducting systems.

Exhaust Stacks

PVC duct was connected to stainless steel exhaust stacks. Both were installed by the project partner AE Smith.